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Lisa & Her Kin: Bio


Lisa Miller: Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar.

Lisa has been writing, playing, & recording her music for many years. With a history in all different genres she settled into country/honky tonk about 8 years ago, which has allowed her to tap into her influences and play to the country audiences that she loves. She began touring extensively with her band The Trailer Park Honeys after receiving rave reviews for her CD “Lipstick & Beer”and as the band toured, Lisa wrote a slew of new material. In 2003 she put together a new band –“Lisa & Her Kin” and headed to Texas to gather up the best side players in town for one heck of a great recording- “Two Weeks In Texas”. The CD continues to receive a phenomenal response around the world. In 2006 Lisa & her brother Ian began to co-write songs to accompany their sibling harmonies-the response was powerful, and in 2007 they recorded their second effort together-“Chicken Shack”. In 2009, brother Chris moved back to the Northwest from Austin Texas and bagan playing bass for The Kin and adding vocals and his songwriting skills to the mix.

The Kin started their next recording project Cocktails & Wishful Thnking in February 2010 and had Deke Dickerson produce . The CD, set to be released this summer has songs written by all three siblings, and includes some of the bands favorite covers by some of the best in sixties country music . The band will be touring throughout the summer in support of this release.....look for them at a honkt tonk near you!! 

Like Lisa says” there is nothing better than working with your Kin”

Ian Miller: Lead guitar, vocals.

Ian has been playing guitar since he was old enough to hold one. He began performing on stage with his older brother Chris at the age of 12. Starting with the blues, expanding to R&B, Rock, and eventually Punk where he made his mark in bands such as Mule, Apt3G & Poison Idea. five years ago he joined up with his sister Lisa and jumped full force into to the world of Honky Tonk. With a strong love for Buck Owens, George Jones and Ray Price, he was a logical and much welcomed addition to the band. His energy on stage is addictive, and the shared vocals between him and his sister are what country is all about.

Chris Miller-Bass Guitar Chris spent 15 years in Austin Texas playing guitar and steel with many of talents in that part of the country including Wayne Hancock, Gary Primich, Marcia Ball, and Dale Watson to name a few.For the last several years he has been one of Dave Alvin's Guilty Men and this year began playing guitar for John Trudell. He has settled back into his home town of Portland OR. and has added The Kin to his list of current projects.

Russ Blake: Pedal Steel

Russ has been a part of the honky tonk music scene for sometime. As guitar player for the very fine country swing band from L.A. The Lucky Stars, Russ has swung with the best of ‘em. Recently Russ relocated to the NW and lucky for the Kin, decided to take up pedal steel. He is a very welcome addition to the Kin family.

Jeff Minnick: Drums & Vocals

Jeff has drummed with the best of the best in Austin Texas and in the Northwest. He has been the drummer in demand amongst the Blues Community here in the Northwest, but has deep roots in teh country music that the Kin love to play. He is a great songwriter and singer and brings these talents as well as his unmatched drumming skills to The Kin family band and the back beats and shuffles have never been so good!